How would it feel to get off the proverbial treadmill of life where it appears you move in a forward motion but don’t gain new ground? What could you accomplish knowing you are loved and held in high regard just because you exist and your performance does not determine your worth? How would things change if, instead of giving your life to time, you could create space to give time to your life, peace to your mind, and health to your body? Within the pages of Sacred Soul-Space, you will learn how Melanie Tidwell applies spiritual technology and tools to activate miracles in her life. She shares personal experiences and specific anecdotes that help her meet challenges and successfully create space in her daily living so she can give the world what she has to offer. She invites you to approach life’s questions and struggles by picking up the divine palette of principles, patterns, and personal revelation and paint a world that includes the benefits and blessings of your unique talents and dreams.